Terms and Conditions



  • All cats must have a record of vaccination for Feline Respiratory Disease, and Feline Enteritis which will need to show that they were vaccinated at least 14 days prior to arrival. The record must accompany the cat and remain with them on each boarding occasion.
  • If any guest is found to have an infestation of fleas on arrival, then Hambleton Hills Cattery reserve the right to treat the cat at a standard charge of £25 plus the cost of the flea treatment to cover treatment and additional sanitising of the chalet.
  • All guests should be recently treated for worms before their stay with us.
  • If a cat has not been treated for fleas and worms then Hambleton Hills Cattery can administer these for an additional £10.00 per cat per product, this will protect your cat for 6 weeks. We use Advocate 40 or 80 (depending on the size of the cat) Flea Treatment and Drontal tablets for worms due to these being the least harmful as some flea and worm treatments can cause a reaction.  If flea dirt is found on our guests then they will be treated immediately and the owner charged accordingly for the treatment as we cannot have an infestation within the Cattery environment.
  • Multi cat units- cats may need to be separated should, on the off chance, problems occur e.g. Fighting or ‘stressed’. By signing the consent below you are agreeing to this action.
  • Hambleton Hills Cattery reserves the right to refuse a guest if on arrival they are showing signs of ill health.
  • We are happy to administer medication at no extra cost providing the cat will accept the medication without too much resistance, and that the medication can be given by a person that does not have a veterinary qualification. There will need to be sufficient medication to last the duration of the stay.
  • Whilst guests boarding at Hambleton Hills Cattery receive every care and attention, they are boarded entirely at the risk of the owner. We are not qualified to care for sick animals. Where specialist care is required,, Hambleton Hills Cattery reserve the right to call or visit our guests own veterinary surgeon where possible, or access Galtres Vets in the village here, and act upon their advice. Expenses incurred will be met by the owner of the guest.
  • If your cat is elderly or suffering from a terminal disease, you will be asked what you would like us to do in the regretful event of your cat becoming very ill or even dying whilst in our care. It will help us to deal with the situation knowing that we have done our utmost to carry out your request in your absence. Where possible we will keep you informed of the changing events if you wish this. We do not accept entire males over the age of 6 months. 

Admission & Collection

  • Owners are urged to transport their cat in an adequate sized secure basket or cat carrier between the car and cattery, and home and cattery. Please do not attempt to carry your cat in your arms at any time during arrival and departure.
  • We ask that you inform us at your earliest convenience if you are not going to be able to collect your cat at the agreed departure time and day as this may affect other bookings.
  • If any cat is not collected after 2 weeks of the agreed departure date then Hambleton Hills Cattery will assume ownership and the cat will regretfully be re-homed. Any costs incurred as a result of this extended board will be recovered from the owner. 


Making A Booking – We charge by the day not by the night. The day of arrival, day of departure & all days booked are charged for, regardless of departure time.

All bookings require a £30 per chalet deposit, but we are happy to take full payment if it is easier for you. The deposit is required within 3 days of making the booking unless the arrival date is within the next week; in this case full payment is required. The deposit will be deducted from your final bill.

The total balance is payable 7 days before arrival please. This is payable by BACS 

iideally  or cash.

Our  prices  are  £11 per day for 1 cat, (£12  from April 2020), £18  per day for 2 cats,(£19 from April 2020), £24  per day for 3 cats in adjoiining chalets and  £29  per day for  4  cats in  adjoining  chalets.    


  • Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day are charged at double rate and have a minimum booking fee of £50.00 in this peak period.
  • All bookings including those days, and bookings made for July and August, must be paid in full four weeks in advance.
  • There is a minimum  off peak booking fee of £33 for 1 cat, £54 for  2 cats and £72 for 3 , bookings can be made for fewer days but will be charged this minimum amount.

Our full bank details for payments via BACS will be sent with initial booking confirmation email. If you require a link to the details just drop us an email...


*Please note our cancellations and amendments policies bel


  • Made at least 7 days before your booked arrival date will receive a full refund of any monies already paid (this will usually be your deposit) unless in peak periods, then no refund within 4 weeks of the booking .. peak  periods are,  July and August,  and  over  Christmas and  New  Year.
  • Made fewer than 7 days before your booked arrival date will not receive any refund (i.e. the full cost of your original booking).  


If you need your cat to stay longer than originally booked, we will do what we can to accommodate this, depending on a chalet being available. Please let us know as soon as you can.

If you need to shorten the boarding period of your existing booking:

  • if the change is made at least 7 days before your booked arrival date, we will reduce the total boarding fees to reflect the actual new boarding period
  • if the change is made fewer than 7 days before your booked arrival date, then we will charge for the full original booking.